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Zip World – Fforest is nestled in the Conwy Vallery and offers idyllic woodland views perfect for all the adventures they have to offer. 

Experience the closest thing to freefall without jumping out of a perfectly good plane! Plummet 2is the worlds first freefall tower. You will fall over 100ft through a trap door and be brought to a gentle stop by 2 highly engineered Powerfans. Do you dare to plummet?

Zip World’s Fforest Coaster is the country’s only alpine coaster! It is also one of the newest adventure rides to hit the UK and with this incredibly exciting experience, you will get to take three adrenaline fuelled rides on the Fforest coaster.

You will get on a self-controlled toboggan on rails that will take you up over 300m whilst you take in the beautiful Snowdonia woodland.

As you breach the top you will have seconds to brace yourself for your 710m descent through the trees at speeds up to 25mph!

For the less adrenaline addicted, but challenge loving members of the public there is the Zip Safari. This beautiful journey through the canopy of the trees on 23 zip lines and 6 other ropes course elements is a fun way to see the sites the forest has to offer.

After all that adventure, why not relax, re fuel and watch the action from the Fforest Caffi or Fforest Coffi.