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Zip World – Slate Caverns

The Slate Caverns includes an experience for almost everyone, from Titan, the first 4 person zip line in Europe to the unique, all weather underground adventures that are Bounce Below and Zip World Caverns. Do you dare to try Caverns? Fly, climb and traverse your way through our unique underground course in a slate mine […]

Zip World – Penrhyn Quarry

Zip World – Penrhyn Quarry is the closest Zip World site to us. It is nestled in the heart of Snowdonia and is home to adrenaline filled adventures, amazing views and fantastic food. Velocity 2 is the world’s fastest and Europe’s longest zip line, it features four parallel lines spanning 1.5 kilometres where you will […]

Zip World – Fforest

Zip World – Fforest is nestled in the Conwy Vallery and offers idyllic woodland views perfect for all the adventures they have to offer.  Experience the closest thing to freefall without jumping out of a perfectly good plane! Plummet 2is the worlds first freefall tower. You will fall over 100ft through a trap door and be […]